SwingersGuides - the final guide for Swingers, clubs and events

What distinguishes us from other platforms is that we offer swingers a highly accessible app that brings together everything on swingers such as parties, clubs, vacations, private parties, erotic shops, events, themes, fairs, wellness.

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Clubs, real swingers and lot of swinger events

SwingersGuides for all swinger events and clubs, our app is the final guide for swingers.  

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We're building a list of all the swingers clubs around the world, complete with there story, photo's and events. 

Events & Agenda 

See all the event from clubs and parties, we add events daly and later this year clubs can add there events thru our system.

Chat with swingers

Swingers can chat with other swingers, send photo and videos. As you receive a message you get a notification. We highly value and respect your privacy.

Real swingers

We want to build a real experience, report fake accounts, report people that not respect your privacy.

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